Website Hosting
Our company offers a range of web hosting plans that meet the various needs and aspirations of Internet servers by adopting the latest systems, technologies and programs that help you achieve this, with technical support available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to solve any problems or answer any inquiries of our customers Dear

Advantages of hosting your website

SSL Certificate
This certificate is needed by every website owner who wants to provide maximum security for his site’s surfers, by encrypting the transmitted data between the browser and the site, in addition to the fact that the Google search engine has become dependent on the presence of this certificate as one of the criteria for ranking search results, a technology company provides this certificate free of charge, as We are happy to help you install it.

Protection from DDOS attacks
When hackers and cybercriminals launch a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack, the damages/in addition to the costs, can be devastating to the company being targeted. Therefore, Taqnia provides the best protection technologies from denial of service attacks by default on all its servers, and also provides advanced services for more protection if the need arises.

CDN geospatial technology
“CDN” is an abbreviation of the word “Content delivery network” and it is a technology that automatically publishes site data to a group of connected distribution points around the world. A technology company provides this service free of charge to ensure that your visitors are provided with the fastest browsing possible from the closest servers to them, to ensure that You get the best performance and get the most out of your plan’s potential.